Posted 16 Aug 2010

Close To You by Dotkom

The year of 2006 was spent WORKING HARD and listening to weirdo music while working. All of us fought over what music to play and I rarely triumphed. No matter what music is playing around me I ALWAYS LISTEN. This mix was made from a list I wrote down while working the hardest I have ever worked with the... Continue »
Posted 29 Jul 2010

19 MPH by Dotkom

More musical therapy for me.  Been working on this playlist for about a month. This was supposed to be my “happy” mix so I REALLY tried to keep it on that vibe. BRAND NEW music from Who Cares, Aloe Blacc & Mystik Journeymen along with some classics from Nina Simone, The Flamingos and the audio from my FAVORITE scene... Continue »
Posted 04 Jun 2010

The Science Of Not Sleeping by Dotkom

Not sleeping too great lately but I have found a way to stay productive by consuming tons of media.  Brand new mix I’ve been working on for awhile.   Heavily inspired “The Science Of Sleep” by Michel Gondry.  New Music like MF BORAT & Shabazz Palaces and old Pink Floyd & Eek A Mouse. Gotta give TONS of props... Continue »
Posted 13 May 2010

Poker Face by Dotkom

Deejay Dotkom –  “Poker Face”. Tracklisting: Coconut Records – West Coast Pearl Jam – Nothingman The Sandpeople – Dapper Mob Buddy Peace – I Explode (Why Bomb?, Why?) K-OS – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman C-Rayz (feat. Slug) – In Your Soul Kid Cudi (feat. Kanye & Common) – Make Her Say Jay Z (feat. Rihanna)... Continue »
Posted 07 May 2010

The Hospital Bed by Dotkom

Thankfully THE FIRST appetite that returned after my stay inside the hospital was for MUSIC.  If you have ever been in that situation you know that sometimes allot of blurry memories make for a collage of sights, sounds & feelings.  I Just mashed up everything while heavily medicated and came up with this mix.  I was in the hands... Continue »
Posted 05 May 2010

Worried Shoes by Dotkom

Woke up today in my own bed and IT FEELS GREAT.  Still taking the advice of my friend Mariana and SURROUNDING myself with music.  I know I mentioned that I was making a new mix from the hospital bed (I might still name it that Abbs) but in the process I’m digging up these old mixes (This one was... Continue »
Posted 30 Apr 2010

Afterglow by Dotkom

Sitting here in a hospital bed awaiting my doctors decision to send me into surgery or not today.  No fun lemme tell you.  But in the words of my new buddy Mariana: “Well at least u got music.”  AMEN !!!!  I’m in the process of making a BRAND NEW mix while i’m in here but in the meantime... Continue »
Posted 18 Apr 2010

Remember Living? by Dotkom

Made this mix in Aug ’08.  It’s about long-distance relationships, being TRULY HAPPY & most of all that feeling when you remember you are ALIVE.  People and situations come into our lives for a reason EVERY TIME.  It is all about realizing that and enjoying the moment.  Unfortunately all that remains of that time & feeling is this... Continue »
Posted 15 Apr 2010

Help Yourself by Dotkom

I’ve been addicted to music as long as I can remember.  It all started with Abbey Road, The Wall & Songs in the Key of Life (Thanks Dad).  I had my first actual DJ gig in 6th grade playing tunes for the 7th & 8th grade dance.  My best friend at the time, Todd Kuchar and I played ANY... Continue »
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