Worried Shoes by Dotkom

Posted 05 May 2010   Mixes

Worried ShoesWoke up today in my own bed and IT FEELS GREAT.  Still taking the advice of my friend Mariana and SURROUNDING myself with music.  I know I mentioned that I was making a new mix from the hospital bed (I might still name it that Abbs) but in the process I’m digging up these old mixes (This one was from a few days before Christmas ’09)  Somehow the Spike Jonze remake of “Where The Wild Things Are” sure struck a chord in my heart because Max’s entire existence seemed to be a metaphor for how I was feeling that week.  I can tell I was in a tailspin upon a re-listen to this mix but dammit if I wasn’t gonna get thru it.  So here is: “Worried Shoes” from December ’09. Enjoy. (4 Michelle <3)

Todd aka Dotkom

“Worried Shoes” – Deejay Dotkom [12-21-2009]*

  • Atmosphere – They Always Know
  • Karen O & The Kids – Worried Shoes
  • Grieves & Budo – Learning to Fall
  • Requiem for an Interlude
  • Kid Cudi (feat. MGMT & Ratatat) – Pursuit of Happiness
  • Felt – The Prize
  • Jaydiohead – Change Order
  • Lushlife – Meridian Sound (Part 1)
  • Brother Ali – Baby Girl
  • Zero 7 – Pop Art Blue
  • De La Soul – Trying People
  • Cage – I Never Knew You
  • Blu & Exile – No Greater Love
  • Dirty Ghosts – Steamboat to Concord
  • Viktor Vaughn – Lickupon
  • The Prime – Fly In My Own Right
  • Moldy Peaches – Anyone Else But You
  • The Grouch – Clean Nikes
  • Do The Right Outro

“I traveled upstream with dreams to find a mate, yup, really wasn’t lookin’, independence feels great.  Found love for myself, replaced it with the hate. Trying to eat healthy, lift a couple weights. Learned from my mistakes but temptation awaits me, outlook is positive, the universe shake me.  So the design is beautiful, and lately the blessings been rolling in, so I thank thee.” – Luckyiam “Fly in My Own Right”

* Once again this mix contains EXPLICIT LYRICS & CONTENT (Sorry Mom). PROMO USE ONLY

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