Posted 17 Aug 2014

“A Satisfied Mind” playlist...

The Spring/Summer of 2013 will be ingrained in my memory forever. Good & bad things happened but today it hit me that even the bad stuff taught me lessons. This playlist is comprised of some songs/shows/movies that got me through it. As always it is dedicated to the amazing people in my life without whom I’d have given up... Continue »
Posted 19 Mar 2014

“The Future” by Dotkom

Made this a couple months ago for someone very special & now i’m sharing it with all of you. The Future is something we all anticipate & even try to control sometimes. It doesn’t take too many examples to see the universe chooses your path no matter how much you try to change it. Take a trip to “The... Continue »
Posted 28 Nov 2012

This Isn’t The End (T.I.T.E.) by...

Trying to move forward while the world awaits some bullshit is getting old. EVERYONE knows the world isn’t ending next month but another excuse for complacency is always welcome to the sheeple.  One of the only ways I know how to keep my chin up is burying myself in music, games, tv & movies.  Just some new shit I like on... Continue »
Posted 02 Sep 2012

Cold Summer by Dotkom

New Opportunities are always amazing but sometimes they are also scary. After a long challenging summer of hard work, meeting new people & making moves I made another silly playlist. Just songs & audio clips that moved me in the last few months. One of the warmest summers I can remember felt pretty cold a few times. Much love... Continue »
Posted 27 Feb 2012

Life Is Like A Song by Buddha

Life is like a song has taken me about 4 months to compile, but I am very happy with how it turned out. The wait was definitely worth it, I really feel like I was able to convey my message with this track list. It is going out to my LOVE and my ROCK! She has helped me realize... Continue »
Posted 04 Feb 2012

Hero by Dotkom

Heroes can come in many forms.  When someone enters your life & gives it new meaning that is HEROIC.  When someone puts themselves in harm’s way mentally to look out for your well being that person is YOUR HERO.  I am SO LUCKY to have the people in my life that I do & this mix is for them. ... Continue »
Posted 18 Oct 2011

Help Wanted by Dotkom

“Life is hard, ACT HARDER.” That is easier said than done. Asking for help is ok if you do it with your chin up. Been listening to tons of new music lately so I decided to make a new playlist. This one is 100% musical therapy for my peeps & I. Enjoy “Help Wanted” and realize we are all... Continue »
Posted 06 Sep 2011

Waiting by Dotkom

A little playlist inspired by some amazing people, new music/media & some old gems.  Our lives have been moving at 1000 mph for the past 5-6 years. Sometimes it feels like the “Hurry Up & Wait” syndrome but I wouldn’t want to take on the world with any other people.  Enjoy my newest playlist: “Waiting” & escape for 60... Continue »
Posted 30 Jun 2011

The Moon by Dotkom

I’ve been putting this one together for awhile.  Just basically some songs I dig along with audio clips from shows & movies I’ve seen recently.  Once again VERY SCHIZOPHRENIC playlist but friends tell me that is the fun of these mixes.  Oh well I make them for myself anyways & hope others can benefit.   Here is to shooting... Continue »
Posted 25 May 2011

Runaway – Dotkom

I have had quite a 2010. Literally THE BEST & WORST year of my life. Without the AMAZING, PERFECT, INSPIRING, DRIVEN people around me I wouldn’t be here so this mix is for them.  I’m feeling better and decided to portray that in this playlist.  Everything from Kanye to Bob Dylan made the cut.  I’m leaving behind a year... Continue »
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