Posted 21 May 2011

Hustle by Dotkom

Inspiration comes at the strangest moments in this crazy life.  For the first time in quite a while I have been truly inspired and this playlist is proof.  Nothing fancy but a few songs that I’ve heard recently and been moved.  Possibly my weirdest playlist EVER with: Lil Wayne, The Beatles, Grieves, Janes Addiction and so on.  I encourage... Continue »
Posted 15 May 2011

Let It Be by Dotkom

This mix is for a few people in my life that are SO IMPORTANT to me. We have a bond through music so this is the best way I know to tell them how I feel. Sometimes in life you have to let the universe drive & sit back & hope you react correctly. I love u all <3!!!!!... Continue »
Posted 08 Feb 2011

Live Life by Buddha

Finally got this mix finished after many weeks of putting it off. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do. I love my friends & family so much and this mix is for them! Enjoy! Love, Buddha “Live Life” – Buddha * Grouch & Zion... Continue »
Posted 12 Jan 2011

Your World – Buddha

Here is a very special mix I made in 2009 during the holidays. This playlist was for a special person in my life. Enjoy! Love, Buddha “Your World” – Buddha * Eligh & Jo Wilkinson (feat. Pigeon John & Slug) – Safe Murs – Me & This Jawn... Continue »
Posted 11 Jan 2011

The Reason I Shine – Buddha

I made this mix in 2007 back when I met the love of my life. It says everything I wanted it to say but never really put into words. This playlist is a bunch of different genres of music that I was bumping at the time. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have over the... Continue »
Posted 03 Nov 2010

Contact by Dotkom

Been watching all of my shows & also peeping some movie suggestions from friends lately.  “The Social Network” was a trip and REALLY got my mind going.  That last scene where he is hitting f5 and refreshing the browser really hit home.  This mix was inspired by the movie “Contact” along with some human contact from an old friend. ... Continue »
Posted 14 Sep 2010

Future Blind by Dotkom

New music (to me) means new mixes for you. Still pretty obsessed with “Electronic” music and I recently hung with some best friends that laced me with some new names. Silversun Pickups & Pretty Lights (mix title stolen from a Pretty Light’s track) are my new bumps this week. Also addicted to Cee Lo’s new mixtape & Big Boi’s:... Continue »
Posted 02 Sep 2010

Good Problems by Dotkom

After this past week I have once again realized ALL PROBLEMS are good ones.  Life is good and music has been moving me a ton this week so I made another playlist. I’m getting SO EXCITED for the Atmosphere show this month in Reno.  RSE dropped a new .mp3 on Twitter today so it made my list. The addictive... Continue »
Posted 28 Aug 2010

Love Life by Dotkom

Some of the people this mix is dedicated to were not even alive when “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was made (1986 btw) but THAT QUOTE epitomizes the point I am trying to make.  I am 100% guilty myself of taking things/people/events for granted everyday. Losing someone SO SPECIAL, meeting someone amazing & seeing old friends you miss more than... Continue »
Posted 16 Aug 2010

Wild World

BRAND NEW mix I finished yesterday. I have been recovering VERY fast and I probably won’t be able to sit still this long for awhile so I thought I’d make the most of it. I have been bumping TONS of mellow, electronic type music lately while driving, sleeping, walking and that shows in this playlist.  BRAND NEW Atmosphere, Aloe... Continue »
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