Live Life by Buddha

Posted 08 February 2011   Mixes

Finally got this mix finished after many weeks of putting it off. I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do. I love my friends & family so much and this mix is for them! Enjoy!
Love, Buddha

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“Live Life” – Buddha [2011]*

  • Grouch & Zion I – Leader
  • Who Cares – Growing Pain
  • Whodini – Friends
  • A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out
  • Atmosphere – Breathing
  • Newcleus – Jam On It
  • El P – The Overly Dramatic Truth
  • Jay Electronica – I Feel Good
  • Big Boi – The Train Part 2
  • UMC’s – Blue Cheese
  • Mos Def – Quiet Dog
  • De La Soul – In The Woods
  • Kid Cudi – Sky Might Fall
  • Roxanne Shante – Have A Nice Day
  • G & E – All In
  • Digable Planets – The Art Of Easing
  • Wu Tang Vs Beatles – Uh Huh
  • The Roots – Dear God 2.0


  1. LOVE IT! Great job Buddha. Listening to this was a great way to get me through my work day!

    Posted by Tessa Young on 11 February 11 at 7:20pm [Reply]
  2. Thanks little bro.

    Posted by Todd on 13 February 11 at 7:38am [Reply]
  3. Sublime

    Posted by paradisegroove on 19 February 11 at 1:42am [Reply]
  4. Slayin it!

    Posted by Werner Gurzog on 26 March 11 at 8:40am [Reply]
  5. uh, zyeah,,,nice tempo on this mix buddy…

    Posted by Kristy on 07 April 11 at 4:48pm [Reply]
  6. heyy. Buddha can you do me a favor?
    I really love this mix and i want it to be my summer jam along with the great quotes.
    Do you think you can make me or send me a down load?
    Love your program. Opened me up to so much good artists.

    Posted by Albert Herrera on 08 April 11 at 4:39pm [Reply]
  7. @Albert >> Right click the ‘download’ link next to the player above. ‘SaveTarget/Link As’ and save it, burn it, share it…..thx homie.

    Posted by DJ Dotkom on 09 April 11 at 6:31pm [Reply]
  8. Thanks dotkom for real.
    Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Albert Herera on 19 April 11 at 4:28pm [Reply]
    • Albert,

      Thank you so much for listening and bumping this mix! This one is very close to my heart I am glad you like and can relate 🙂

      Posted by Buddha on 25 June 11 at 12:08am [Reply]
  9. Noice 🙂
    Thanks Buddha

    Posted by Babyb on 22 September 11 at 10:04pm [Reply]

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