19 MPH by Dotkom

Posted 29 July 2010   Mixes

19mphMore musical therapy for me.  Been working on this playlist for about a month. This was supposed to be my “happy” mix so I REALLY tried to keep it on that vibe. BRAND NEW music from Who Cares, Aloe Blacc & Mystik Journeymen along with some classics from Nina Simone, The Flamingos and the audio from my FAVORITE scene in Rockers. Sometimes you have to SLOW DOWN in life to get ahead. My speed has been 19mph as long as I can Remember.  This mix is dedicated to the people that helped me through the last few weeks. Enjoy going “19 mph” with me for awhile.  Featuring music by: Atmosphere, De La Soul, The Flamingos, Who Cares & more.  (4 My Susan Delgado)

Todd aka Dotkom

“19 mph” – Deejay Dotkom [7-28-2010]*

  • Aloe Blacc – You Make Me Smile
  • Nina Simone – Feeling Good
  • Blond Redhead – In Particular
  • De La Soul – Ego Trippin’ (Part Two)
  • The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
  • The Fugees – The Mask
  • Who Cares – Unreleased 2010
  • Mystik Journeymen (feat. Grouch | prod. BOAC) – The Doorman Song
  • Rockers – THE TAKEOVER
  • The Black Keys – Next Girl
  • Eek A Mouse – I Will Never Leave My Love
  • Elton John – Tiny Dancer
  • Cat Stevens – The Wind
  • Atmosphere – The Number One
  • Abadawn – Greasy Burr

“There used to a be a fear and a nervousness
But back then it wasn’t cause of domestic disturbances
It used to just hurt your heart
But now it’s not enough until it rips the universe apart
Got to see a lot of love when I was a kid
Heartbreak made me wanna die but I never did
So this is for my old babysitter,
Wanted to sneak out and fall asleep by the lake with ya
Smells like candy, felt like family
For every girl that ever held me in the back seat
Used to vision being love struck with em
Till I got blindsided by these grown-up women” – Sean Daley aka Slug

* Once again this mix contains EXPLICIT LYRICS & CONTENT (Sorry Mom). PROMO USE ONLY

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