Bombshelter [#509]

Posted 10 May 2011   The Bombshelter

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  • Dessa – Momento Mori
  • Sage Francis – Black Out On White Night
  • Pharcyde – Runnin’
  • Sims – When It Rolls In
  • Kid Cudi – 50 Ways To Make A Record
  • Common – I Used To Love H.E.R.
  • Atmosphere – Millennium Dodo
  • Murs – Varsity Blues
  • Camu Tao – Hold The Floor
  • Emanon – Blind Love
  • Zion I & The Grouch – Invitation
  • Goodie Mob – Guess Who
  • Living Legends – Damn It Feels Good
  • Outkast – Mighty O
  • Sage Francis – Needle
  • A Tribe Called Quest – What
  • Tree Woodz – Intro 2.0
  • Rameses – Hip Hop Head
  • Jaylib – The Red
  • Moka Only – Sunday
  • P.O.S. – All Along The Watchtower
  • PB Wolf, Madlib & Planet Asia – Definition Of Ill
  • Tree Woods – Get On
  • MF DOOM – Mr. Clean
  • Asheru & Blue Black – The Music
  • Breez Evahflowin’ – Forsaken
  • Declaime – Heavenbound
  • J-Live – Them Thats Not
  • Who Cares – Untitled
  • Time Machine – Thinking About You
  • Shapeshifters (feat. Slug & Busdriver) – American Idle
  • Aceyalone (feat. Abstract Rude) – The Sage Continues
  • Sunspot Jonz – From Here To Eternity
  • Illogic – Lessons In Love
  • Brother Ali – Star Quality
  • Kid Cudi (feat. Kanye West) – Erase Me
  • Digable Planets – Last Of The Spiddyocks
  • Aesop Rock – Hold The Cup
  • K-OS – The Love Song
  • Pigeon John – Hello Everybody
  • Slug (feat. PSC & The Grouch) – No Market


  1. Just checking in on you two (Hoping that you both are in good health? Hope you are keeping the #$@!* chrones in a full nelson? Sorry I have been MIA, unfortunately, I have been fighting the cancer (again) for the past couple of months… But I do continue injesting the BOMBSHELTER as Directed, just to keep the “Tumor” distracted, (while I creep up) with that GO GO GADGET NINJA action on the motha %#$@!*% !!!

    I still want to visit that Beach sandwich Labratory of yours (right after) I graduate from this medical school, (so to speak) …. (please keep on doing) what it is you both do… you’ll continue to help SAVE LIFES (LIke mine)

    – Say 0 Boy….

    – “KING”

    Ps: A humble request for your next show: would like to hear: A Tribe called quest: ‘public enemy’

    Posted by Ryan AKA "KING" Simpson on 13 May 11 at 5:09pm [Reply]
    • thx King…we are well. much love.

      Posted by DJ Dotkom on 21 May 11 at 2:34am [Reply]
    • you just concentrate on getting better sir…..we got u on the music. Expect a special show a week from Sunday. Wow man STAY FOCUSED.

      Love Buddha & Dotkom

      5-29-2011 = The Kingshelter send more requests man.

      Posted by DJ Dotkom on 21 May 11 at 2:40am [Reply]
  2. What is that one song it kinda goes like this,
    ( If you feel that way, feel that way, If you feel that way, feel that way) and it has a smooth beat to it. Iv been looking for this song since 4/20/10 Bombshelter could you help me out?

    Posted by DJ Matundan on 23 June 11 at 1:54am [Reply]
    • Blackalicious – Make You Feel That Way

      Posted by DJ Dotkom on 27 June 11 at 5:47pm [Reply]
  3. Much love to what chu are doing for true hip hop. Too bad we dont have your station here out in Las Vegas every sunday night. Reno Is where i represent!!!!!

    Posted by DJ Matundan on 23 June 11 at 1:56am [Reply]

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