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Posted 29 December 2010   Random

(from: Rhymesayers.com)

Critically acclaimed mc/producer and Soul Position frontman Blueprint, returns with his highly anticipated sophomore solo release Adventures in Counter-Culture. Experimenting with synths, keyboards, and drum machines, Adventures in Counter-Culture touches on Blueprint’s cynicism with the world, his disdain for pop culture, the state of politics and an apathetic, uninspired society. The album encompasses every facet of music Blueprint knows. It blurs genre lines and connects his hip hop pedigree with his early days in the church choir, to the R&B bands he was a part of in high school, to his new found interest in rock and electronic music.

After a five year musical journey, Blueprint has emerged with his greatest effort to date. A culmination of self discovery and societal critique, Adventures in Counter-Culture is just that. The adventure begins March 1st, 2011.

Video produced by Bangland Media: http://banglandmedia.com

Over the span of several years, Blueprint has risen greatly in popularity. He first gained minor underground attention as a member of the crew Greenhouse Effect. He achieved somewhat more widespread notice with his appearance on the track “Final Frontier” on RJD2‘s album Deadringer. Since then, he has released one EP and two albums with RJD2 as Soul Position, as well as a solo release on Rhymesayers, titled 1988 (2005). Blueprint is known for his distinctive teeth and story-telling ability. His albums usually focus upon a range of subjects and include many different styles of music, rather than focusing on one level throughout. He is also a skilled freestyler and came in second place in the Scribble Jam 2000 freestyle competition. Blueprint is very appreciative of fans; a 2004 Fort Collins show had a very low turnout because the promoter had the wrong date on the flyers. Blueprint chose to get down from the stage, and perform the entire concert with all 50 or so fans encircling him on the floor.

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