Who Cares – Teenage Ego Trip

Posted 06 October 2010   Random

We have been saying that Who Cares is THE TRUTH for many moons because they always deliver quality music.  Teenage Ego Trip is no different.  Upon my first listen I felt like Ernie made his “Buhloone Mindstate.”  The album tells a story about putting art before everything, true love & tragic loss.  Dusty Brown provides the production, Andrew Southard (Young Aundee) on keyboard/vocals, Jammal Tarkington on sax/flute/vocals and finally Ernie Upton on the vocals/turntables.  As they mature Who Cares is becoming a live performance beast so watch out for them in a city near you.  Enjoy Teenage Ego Trip exclusively available on forhiphop.com (until mid October) then we would REALLY appreciate you buying a copy on CD, iTunes, Zune, Rhapsody or Napster. Cds available at Beach Hut Deli (Reno) so PLEASE SUPPORT Who Cares by buying one. Who Cares + Egyptian Lover vinyl COMING VERY SOON. HUGE thanks to Ernie, Neal, JT, Andy & Dusty for realizing that people really will support good music by attending shows, buying merch & spreading the word. Please support Who Cares in the future by heading to a show or buying a t-shirt.

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  1. Nicely done Pal..! You continue to amaze me..! I Love you..!

    Posted by Bobby Neal on 06 October 10 at 9:06pm [Reply]
  2. This is such a great album. Thanks for giving it out for free!

    Posted by Jeya on 07 October 10 at 9:40pm [Reply]
  3. I love this album! The last part of these three words reminds me of the song from the 80’s movie The Lost Boys, Cry Little Sister.

    Posted by Jeremy on 07 October 10 at 9:45pm [Reply]
  4. Already bought it off Zune….three times…:)

    Posted by Jeremy on 07 October 10 at 9:47pm [Reply]
  5. dope album. will stop by beach hut deli to buy it and support this group though.

    Posted by XYl3E--9 on 10 October 10 at 3:17pm [Reply]
  6. In my Cd player now….loving this CD 🙂

    Posted by Scott on 10 October 10 at 4:42pm [Reply]
  7. thx for the support.

    Posted by DJ Dotkom on 11 October 10 at 5:55pm [Reply]
  8. Sounds amazing! almost like theivery corp with a sick emcee! I like this a lot.
    Tell me you guys are coming to Toronto?

    Posted by Ahsan on 14 October 10 at 11:39pm [Reply]
  9. I heard the winter comes back on a snowboard podcast and after much searching I discovered it was you guys and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for putting this out for free you guys are awesome. Hopefully I can catch a live show one these days. Schedule posted somewhere?

    Posted by Stephen on 30 November 10 at 11:02am [Reply]
  10. Another great album. Support them when you can.

    Posted by blacksails on 01 December 10 at 3:20am [Reply]
  11. Youre music is the soundtrack of my soul.

    Posted by Magpie on 08 December 10 at 1:18am [Reply]
  12. This album is probably their best yet, check it out and buy a copy, its well worth it!!

    Posted by Junk on 02 February 11 at 6:36am [Reply]

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