The Roots

Posted 13 Sep 2010

Bombshelter [#476]

An interesting archive to say the least.   We apologize in advance for the sound quality.  The first two hours were spent troubleshooting EVERY piece of equipment while the automated system (piloted by Buddha) took over. We had to re-build parts of the playlist so expect a few cuss words. (these did not air live) I regained control for the... Continue »
Posted 23 Aug 2010

Bombshelter [#473]

When we originally broadcast this show on 8-23-2010 we had some technical difficulties.  Instead of merely rebuilding the show with a multitrack Buddha & I decided to try-out the new home laboratory.  The Bombshelter 2.0 has some hiccups but overall it will provide us with a chance to play music for YOU more often.  Once again THANKS SO MUCH... Continue »
Posted 02 Aug 2010

Bombshelter [#470]

Buddha & I spent awhile getting some new material for this episode.  When I say “new” I don’t always mean chronologically just new to the show.   Reno has several of the artists we played coming to perform live in the area in the coming months. So far it is: Murs, Brother Ali, G&E, Aesop Rock, Grieves, Blueprint &... Continue »
Posted 26 Jul 2010

Bombshelter [#469]

It was good to back inside The Bombshelter for this episode.  Buddha & I spent some time getting new music together and the playlist shows.  Thanks to Lopan of the Who Cares camp for bringing us the TOP SECRET new album so we could share with you.  Big ups to my man Chip aka Megabusive for his new song... Continue »
Posted 05 Jul 2010

Bombshelter [7-4-2010]

(192kbps MP3 file) Tracklisting Beastie Boys – High Plains Drifter Jeru – Scientifical Madness Atmosphere – Party For The Fight To Write MF Borat – Rescue Kazakhstan Josh Martinez – BC Trees Sage – Makeshift Patriot Shabazz Palaces – Blast It The Gorillaz & MF Doom – November Has Come Blu & Exile – Dancing In The Rain The Roots... Continue »
Posted 02 Jun 2010

Bombshelter [5-30-2010]

(192kbps MP3 file) Tracklisting: Shabazz Palaces – Blastit Jay Electronica – The Pledge Mystik Journeymen (feat. Grouch prod. BOAC) – The Doorman Song Mos Dub – Shroud The Stars K-OS – I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman Felt – The Prize RJD2 (feat. The Catalyst, Illogic & NP) – A Sons’s Cycle Aesop Rock (prod. Blockhead) – No City... Continue »
Posted 19 Apr 2010

Bombshelter [4-18-2010]

(192kbps MP3 file) Tracklisting: Eligh – Positive Dreams J-Live – The Epilogue Pigeon John – Identity Crisis Who Cares – Freeze Tag The Roots – How I Got Over LL Cool J – Radio The Gorillaz (feat. Redman) – Gorillaz On My Mind Aceyalone – All Ballz Don’t Bounce Outkast – The Whole World De La Soul – Eye... Continue »
Posted 12 Apr 2010

Bombshelter [4-11-2010]

(192kbps MP3 file) Tracklisting: Felt – The Prize Mos Dub – Shroud The Star Aceyalone – The Greatest Show On Earth The Roots – How I Got Over Apprentice – America Juice – For My Writers Part II Debaser (feat Lucky Iam) – Rap Scene J-Dilla & Common – E=MC2 Copywrite (produced RJD2) – Forever & A Day Camp... Continue »
Posted 08 Mar 2010

Bombshelter [3-7-2010]

(192kbps MP3 file) Tracklisting: Sunspot Jonz – Ghost town Zion I – Birds Eye View Jaylib – The Red Del – Burnt Dr. Octagon – Half Shark Half Man Anti Pop Consortium – Ping Pong The Roots – Datskat Cody Chestnutt – Dont Get Know Better Josh Martinez – Bobby Loveable Cool Calm Pete – Get With The Times... Continue »
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