Posted 28 Dec 2010

Our friend MURS

In around 1997 (it was winter because I remember snow) we were in our garage playing ping pong when a red van rolled up to our college home in NW Reno filled with RAPPERS. The Living Legends poured out and immediately began throwing dirty snowballs at each other. It was LITERALLY the entire crew (except Arata whom I’d met... Continue »
Posted 15 Dec 2010

**VIDEO** >> Eligh – Soul On The...

Eligh, who refers to himself as, “The Crow,” says this album represents growth and wisdom acquired from his struggles over the past seven years — struggles that morphed him into a more mature, Grey Crow. Eligh splashes the album with bright rays of hope, which are coalesced with dark drops into a rumbling low end, which grant the album... Continue »